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The Center for Groundwater Evaluation and Management

The GEM Center is a research center that provides a multidisciplinary/crosscutting approach to groundwater evaluation and management. The focus of research is the integration of data, acquired across a wide range of spatial and temporal scales, to monitor and model subsurface hydrologic processes.

The defining characteristic of the GEM Center is the use of geophysical data as an essential part of all aspects of groundwater evaluation and management. Central to our approach is the establishment of partnerships that allow the GEM Center to demonstrate state-of-the-science solutions to "real-world" problems.

In this way, we hope to play a key role in encouraging the adoption of new approaches, and new technologies, for addressing the challenging problems we face in the evaluation and management of our groundwater resources.

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The Groundwater Architecture Project (GAP)

The GAP has been conducted over the past two years to serve as a pilot project exploring how best to acquire and utilize airborne electromagnetic (AEM) data throughout California to meet the data needs of groundwater management –specifically, mapping out the large-scale structure of groundwater systems. Motivated by the passage of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) in 2014, this project aimsto determine the optimal workflow required to use the AEM method as the basis for sustainable groundwatermanagement. Our vision: that the geophysical imaging method will be adopted for groundwater management throughout the state.

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