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Environmental Geophysics is the use of geophysical methods to image and understand the properties and processes in the top ~100 meters of the earth. This is the region of the earth that has a direct and daily impact on our lives (and on which we have a direct and daily impact!) yet we know surprising little about this near-surface region. Our work in environmental geophysics involves laboratory studies, theoretical modeling, and field work. We use these three different approaches to investigate the links between the geophysical parameters that we can measure and the physical, chemical and biological properties and processes of interest. Many of our research projects can be described as “hydrogeophysics” – using geophysics to address problems in hydrogeology.

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Rosemary Knight

Rosemary Knight

The George L. Harrington Professor in the School of Earth Sciences and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment
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Phone: (650) 736-1487

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